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NeuroMovement uses innovative movement techniques to harness the amazing power of the brain to change and re-wire itself. Gentle guided movement is used to shift the focus from pain and limitation to possibilities in gaining freedom and flexibility in movement, thinking and feeling.


Whether you are experiencing pain, have been given a limiting diagnosis or are in good health, this revolutionary technique is designed to provide the brain with the optimal conditions for learning and the information it needs to form new neural connections.


Outcomes include reduced pain, rigidity and fatigue. The brain is awakened to experience life with greater awareness, energy, enthusiasm and vitality.


NeuroMovement has helped tens of thousands of people who suffer from conditions including:

·      Chronic back, shoulder, neck and joint pain

·      Scoliosis

·      Traumatic brain injury

·      Stroke

·      Recovery from injury and surgery

·      Neurological disorders 


NeuroMovement has also been used to help high level athletes, musicians, dancers and executives to reach new heights in performance through improved balance and coordination, increased creativity and flexibility. 

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