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Honest. Compassionate. Cutting-edge Method.

Thank you for your interest in ClearMovement Studio!

My name is Salvatrice Billing 

I have had the privilege to work directly with children who have special needs and their families for many years. The children I have come to know and interact with daily inspired me to become an ABM practitioner. Witnessing their extraordinary ability to learn has been my motivation to provide children with the unique tools needed to facilitate this remarkable process.

My background includes the following: 

Certification in ABM basic training (2015)

Certification in the ABM mastery program for children with special needs (2016)

Certification in ABM continuing education program for anti-aging & vitality (2017)

Certification in ABM continuing education program for high performing athletes and musicians (2018)

Bachelor's degree from Toronto's Ryerson University  in early childhood education (2008)

Received Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) mentoring from Dr. Christine Roman- Lantzy (2013) 

Completed Autism Interventionist course at Seneca College (2014)

Certification in Pilates (2010)


We all have the potential to continuously learn, grow and upgrade our functioning in all areas of our selves. I would love to meet you and your child and begin to take the steps toward greater freedom, vitality and possibilities.

With love, 

Salvatrice Billing

Founder, ClearMovement Studio

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