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Each NeuroMovement session is called a lesson as they are formed in a way that promotes learning, attention to and awareness of self. Lessons are given in two forms, each uses movement to communicate with the brain and introduce new possibilities for movement, thinking, feeling and being. 

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Individual lessons are referred to as Functional Synthesis℠ (FS).

During individual lessons, the student typically lies on a padded table, lessons may also be done with the student sitting on the table or in a chair. The practitioner uses a hands on approach and gently guides the student through various movements customized to their goals and present abilities. Students are invited to engage and participate throughout the lesson by paying attention to themselves and the way they feel physically, cognitively and emotionally. 


Lessons may last up to 45 minutes. FS lessons are done with students of all ages and abilities.  Comfortable clothing is recommended! 

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Group lessons are referred to as Transformational Movement Lessons℠ (TML).

Students typically lie on blankets or sit on blankets/chairs as they are verbally guided through various movements while asked to pay attention to how they feel as they move. Through TMLs you will have the opportunity to recognize old patterns that may be adding to chronic pain and rigidity and begin to replace them with new ways of moving and thinking; promoting growth of new neural connections which can be used to upgrade functioning in many areas of your life. 

Lessons may last up to one hour.  Comfortable clothing is recommended! 

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Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief
Improved Posture and Breathing
Recover from Injury faster
Increased Flexibility

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