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Intensives in Norway

I have had the pleasure and honour to work alongside my colleague Olav Aabrekk to provide two ABM intensives in Norway.

In November 2016 we were in Sandane Norway where we worked with six children and their families. The intensive was six days and each child received two lessons per day. Parents also received one lesson to experience the work for themselves.

It was such a blessing to meet these extraordinary children. We had a very successful week, with lots of learning and new connections formed. One week after the Intensive parents reported their children moving in ways they never had before such as coming up to stand on their knees and having greater use of their hands despite spasticity. We also received report from parents who noticed their child was calmer and more focused at school after the intensive week.

In February 2017 we held a second six day ABM Intensive in Norway. This time we were in Oslo and saw seven children. It was very nice to see some of the same families who were at the intensive in Sandane and to meet other children and families for the first time. During this week of lessons, the children were changing right before our eyes. It was such an exciting week for all! It was beautiful to see parents sharing their child's accomplishments with each other and just taking time to connect and unwind.

It is a blessing to be able to bring this wonderful work to families who are not able to access it as easily as we are here in Toronto. I am so grateful to be invited back and am looking forward to see familiar faces, meet new families and to be a part of all the amazing things happening in Norway.

We will be holding intensives on:

April 28th to May 1st 2017 in Oslo.

May 25th to 28th in Sandane.

August 7th to 10th in Oslo.

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