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New Connections, New Possibilities

There are some big and exciting changes happening at ClearMovement Studio!

First of all, we welcome Natasha Lai as the new ABM® NeuroMovement® practitioner at ClearMovement Studio who will continue to see ClearMovement Studio clients as well as her clients through Brain and Body Movement Inc. I am extremely grateful Natasha will be continuing the work and filling the space with even more love, new connections and new possibilities. To get in touch with Natasha, you can email her at:

While Natasha is providing this amazing work to children and families at ClearMovement Studio, I will be working in Norway on a one year contract as part of the support team for a young man who has experienced brain injury. I will also be working with a friend and fellow ABM practitioner providing NeuroMovement to adults and children and spreading the word about this work to many others who may benefit in Norway.

I arrived in Sandane Norway on September 5th and we held a four day ABM intensive from September 13th -16th. Olav and I worked with five children over the four days, each child receiving two lessons per day for a total of eight lessons each. It was beautiful to see familiar faces as children we have worked with in the past returned and to meet new families trying ABM for the first time.

I am excited for what the future holds both here in Norway and back home at ClearMovement Studio. It seems the common theme is likely to be new connections and new possibilities.

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