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Paint Job

At ClearMovement Studio even the walls are moving!

ClearMovement Studio would like to say a big thank you to Magenta for bringing movement and life to the walls here. Magenta’s brother Jake comes for lessons and she usually comes to hang out, drink hot chocolate and create extraordinary masterpieces in a way that seems to effortlessly flow from her fingers to the page. Magenta brings her endless supply of art materials and sets herself up at the table to sketch and colour while Jake is having his lessons. I love when Magenta comes along for the visit during intensives. During breaks I have learned so much from her about various art modalities, techniques, art history as well as what is new in the art world.

I thought I would ask if she would like to paint on the walls and luckily, she said she would! With a bit of brain storming, Magenta worked her magic and in just a few hours (some of which included paint brush in one hand and chips in the other 😊) ClearMovement studio had a whole new sense of life. The walls match beautifully with the feeling and experience we intend to provide; that of freedom, vitality, play, variation, wonder, peacefulness, movement and connection. Magenta is beyond talented and we are so grateful that she was generous enough to share her gift for us all to enjoy here at ClearMovement.

Thank you Magenta and I look forward to see you soon!

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