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Stop to Watch the Trees

Some might say a picture is worth a thousand words, however, this picture says so much more than that. This amazing little girl and her dad are taking a break out front in between NeuroMovement® lessons at ClearMovement Studio. To me this picture tells a wonderful story of a special bond impossible to be broken, of a pair moving through life so intimately connected.

At ClearMovement Studio we are committed to providing families with moments like this, to watch the trees together and to truly take a break. Our hope is for lessons here to not just be another appointment in the already overflowing calendar, but to be a space created within that list of things to do; a space that provides revitalisation that expands into the other places making it all easier to do.

So clearly connected, it is easy to understand what Anat Baniel means when she says that a parent and child can be seen as sharing one brain. It is our own self awareness and attention to the way we think and act that can make a great difference to the children we are connected to.

We can all learn to be and interact with children in ways that help them become powerful learners. We can learn to explore together and meet challenges in a new way finding new and sometimes surprising solutions. This can be done by incorporating the nine essentials of NeuroMovement® into each day. You may choose one that is most appealing to you now and focus on this one for a while, and then choose another and slowly incorporate more of them into more of what you do.

Many of the nine essentials can be seen and felt in this one moment captured in the photo.

The nine essentials are:

  • Movement with Attention

  • Slow

  • Variation

  • Subtlety

  • Enthusiasm

  • Flexible Goals

  • The Learning Switch

  • Imagination and Dreams

  • Awareness

To learn more about the nine essentials of NeuroMovement and specifically how they can be incorporated into the ways you interact with your child check out Anat's book Kids Beyond Limits or visit our website and download the free e-book under the subheading Nine Essentials.

If you are interested in booking lessons for your child or if you would like more information about NeuroMovement please visit our website at or send us a message at

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