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The Beauty of Movement

There is always that moment of stillness, calm and inner attention during a movement lesson. The moment when you are paying attention to yourself as you move, listening to your body and what you need in that moment. You are looking to make it easier for yourself, to find a new way, to learn and to really take care of yourself in that moment.

This is a time during a lesson when the chatter fades and fidgeting subsides. The room is silent as everybody is focused within and respecting the process of the others in the room. It is a time of true exploration, wonder and growth. It is beautiful to watch what this type of movement can do for us. Movement with attention; the first of Anat Baniel's nine essentials.


"I feel so beautiful"


Mel is a 31 year old young lady with Down Syndrome who attends class every week. She is vibrant, insightful and has an amazing sense of humour. In the middle of one of the lessons, Mel declared, "I feel so beautiful". I was touched by this comment in many ways. Firstly, I am grateful to give people the opportunity to experience this work and to get to know themselves and their body in a new way; with a deeper appreciation and compassion. Secondly, I was impressed by how bold and confident Mel was in her declaration. Her joy in that moment filled the room. And lastly, I was struck by the realization that not once in my life had I made this same declaration. I'm not sure why we don't make these statements more often, these are not the types of things I usually hear people saying about themselves. Whether we whisper it to ourselves or declare it as Mel did, I think we could all speak more kind words about ourselves more often.

I learn a lot form Mel. She continues to show greater ease in her movement and her attention to self is admirable. Mel has also said after lessons, "I felt my movement was very smooth" and " I just feel so good".

I look forward to these classes every week to be able to witness the wonderful surprises and the beauty this work brings out.

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